Friday, 21 July 2017

Me and my end of holidays

These are video's of me making my brother laugh and smile and going to Sylvia Park and watching something in this phone. I hope you enjoy my video's.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

designing things

This is the best Koru and i really had fun posting lots of Maori Korus on my blog and i really like all of them and i will like people bloging on my blog and thank you by.


presenting this koru is the best thing that i have ever done to respect my own culture and this one is the second one that i like the most and i really like to make one of these one day and it is the best one by.

maori pitcher

This koru is a koru that i feel like making for myself and it is a really awesome and cool and i really like it so much i hope you like the maori korus that i pt on my blog thank you by.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

maori things

this koru is the best koru that i have ever seen and i really like this one and it presents it's culture which is maori and it is the best one. thank you by.

in the holidays on a trip

           I really like the places that i have posted on my blog i hope you like it so much and i really wish           that i get more comments thank you so much by.

over the holidays

My family and I , went for a trip to Waitakere Ranges. It was cool thing ever and i had so much fun in the holidaay posting photos of things and family thank ypu to the people that have been going on my blog. thank you so much.

From Precious