Monday, 10 August 2020

Camp 2021

2021 Step Up

Writing-Myths T3,2020


Year 7 Step Up.

                                                                           STEP UP: 

 Last week for three days the year 7 people had so much fun because we participated in the Step Up program. The year 8's were gone to camp so it was finally time for the year 7's to step up for the rest of week 3. My group was called the strikers and we had so much fun, we learnt each other's talents we learnt how to work together as a team and we learnt much more.My 2 leaders in my team were, Sauma & Bradley.

My number one highlight was when we all got into our A & B groups and got to do a singing challenge, so Mrs Ilaoa gave us a category about what we had to sing and we had so much fun, My team was the B team and we gave each other ideas and songs about what we should sing.Even though we lost everything single singing round we still learnt a lot about each other and had so much fun. 

one thing I'm going to do now is get each other's other sides and learn about them more and try and be confident to learn more. 

Here are some photos of what we had and did one those three days. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

As I Saw It

Task Description:
Today we learnt about what  happened in the past and we learnt about who
died and who lived,who told the wrong part of there story and who told the
right part of there story,& much more.I learnt a lot and I hope you learn something