Wednesday, 22 March 2017

compound sentences

Compound Sentence:              
John is left handed, and Joe is right handed so both boys are different.

Friday, 10 March 2017

River Talks

On friday my class went to the omaru creek we had so much fun when we went to the omaru creek and we got to listen to other people from tonga we got to dance to the cook island song and we had a really good time at the omaru creek and the cook island dance was about the omaru creek.

Me and my class went to the Omaru creek and we got to see people that came all the way from Tonga and we were so lucky to having the Tonga people to come and sing to us and they did a really lovely song to us and we are so blessed to hear them sing to us and i loved their voices and i like the song .

At the omaru creek other people from other schools came to the creek and we watched a man who tolded us about the eals and the fish that lives in the yuky creek and he told us when they eals have their babies they have it far away and they die when they're babies come out and that is sad for the eals and they can safer and the fish can die to.

We went there so we can support the group who took for a long time to make this show and when we got there we went to see the water and we prayed for this water to be clean and we wished for the water to be safe and the fish and eels to be safe and to be clean and wished the fish to not die.       

My favorite part about omaru creek is the part that we listened to the maori people praying to the water and blessing if the water will be clean

New zealand birds

i no that many other birds are in danger but i no that other birds are safe and there are bad birds but
 they still help out. some other birds are fast and some are not but  when they are big they are 
some birds are not that smart and some are and they can be helpful to other people and they are so kind. 

Monday, 6 March 2017

maker space weta

First, we put on our safty googles,and our gloves with our protective ses then cut the bamboo stick with a sharp saw. After that we put pieces of bamboo on the table and passed the chance to cut to someone else. Next Mr vogt drilled hole for wire hangers. in the end we went to the creek and we hanged up the bamboo. Eventually,we had to hanged the bamboo on to the harakeke.