Friday, 30 June 2017


 Hi my name is Precious and i am 9 years old. My class is learning about Maori Myths and Maori things i really like this and i hope you do to thank you by Precious.

BMX and god

Leaping  of the scary cliff Josh jumped straight into the deep water and gracefully  divided into the blue sea ocean.When Josh finished doing his big and massive bomb inside the deep blue water.

Top of the cliff Josh and god were talking talking about bombs god showed Josh his big large bomb.After that  they had so much `fun and did a lot of bombs.

Powerfully and Quickly god did a massive bomb and also did a flip over and a back flip.When god finished doing his bomb they ate some ice cream with the sprinkles on the top of the ice cream. They did lots and lots of bombs and it  was fun for them.g about bombs.When god and Josh finish

Friday, 16 June 2017

kite day

On Wednesday my whole class was designed a kite on our Chromebooks and after that we got to make our on different kites But we had to be in our groups and we had to work as a team at lasted my class went outside and we got to fly our kites some of us got problems with our kites but we fixed it the end.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Hi my name is Precious and i am a year 4 i have been going to places around the city and we went to this cool as place in the city and we got to see some famous people from TV and it was so awesome and we had some much fun and we got to eat some yummy chocolate and it was yummy and if you see thees photos they are from the city by Precious.


I can hear the people screaming so loud that it hurts my ears. as the big taniwha was coming out of the grass he wakes his tail on to the ground and runs as fast as he can. The big taniwha was roaring so loud it like some people are screaming so loudly that it hurts. I can smell the big massif Taniwhas, big smell those stopeing onto the ground so loud it hurts my ears and i really and the people are really scared of the taniwha cause they do not want to be eaten so they ran as fast as they can.


Soaring through the sky i feel like superman crashing through the wave i feel like a dolphin. This experience is a feeling you only get every so often. Hopping over the waves butterflies feel my tummy spinning and twirling through the air i show the supporters all the tricks i am able to do. I can hear cheering and screaming from all my supporters. The hardest part about going kitesurfing is packing up having to pull the kite in on a windy day is hard work kitesurfing is such an incredible sport.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Ella and Olivia Reading summary

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Chapter 7

Olivia felt bad when Ella said that it was meant to be the money that she wanted to buy for her self
Olivia didn't want to clean up the house so she stopped helping Ella With the cleaning up in the house. When Olivia told Ella that she didn't want to help her. i really want to know more about
what happens in the next Chapter.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Ella and Olivia

 for Silent reading this week i am reading a  story about Ella and Olivia and it is about when they wanted to have some cool kittens for there birthday and they but then there Ella's best friend had so many of the cool kittens so Ella and Olivia asked there father if he had any money and he did but they had to clean up the house to earn some money to get them some cool kittens for there birthday and when they finished they went to bed and Ella and Olivia was talking and Ella was thinking that her self and her sister was going to get a lot of money to make more. when they woke up there mum and dad was talking and there dad told them that they need to do some more work and then after 2 weeks they got some money and then they went to the store and they brought 15 of the cool kittens and they need 10$ so the can have 15 kittens so they cleaned up the house and they got 10$ and they brought 15 and they were so happy and then they went back home to show there mum and dad.