Thursday, 23 November 2017


this is our maths assignments  that we have been learning some of the questions that we get given as a team some times its hard.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Maths countings

Hi my class has been learning about cool as maths and we have been learning a lot of things like maths a lot of maths we do to make us learn more.

Maths counting in 2 and 5

HI my name is precious and myself and also the Pav have been learning about  maths and we have been learning how to solve some maths problems  and also how to count in twos for maths i hope you favourite thing is maths to By Precious  

My scratch music

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

about the biggest boat

 In the morning a bright light came into my eyes and when I woke up in the morning i saw something beautiful outside and when i saw it, it looked like an airplane that just got  busted down at night because something bad happened it had lots and lots of big  grass everywhere on the ship and when I went inside to see if it works I
tried it but it didn’t work it couldn't fly like the other airplanes but when I went back as quick as   I can in the garden I found something big and massive in the  garden to make the airplane work and then I ran like a bird flying as fast as they could to go somewhere so I went  back to the airplane and I tried to fix it so  I can fly it in the air when
I got it fix I flew it around and around until  I saw some people stuck on an island calling for help and when I saw them calling for help I busted down their as fast as I could and then I took them back home as fast as I could then they went to the hospital because one of them got stuck on a big massive rock on the island that they were on if
you went in there it will look like a halloween place with scary dolls l nlike CHUCKY and ANNABELLE and even SKELETONS also BIG FAT PUMPKIN faces that are cutted up. I started getting scared and horrified and then I got out of the airplane and I found some people and they helped me clean  the airplane  once it got clean i saw a notice a lot of them lying are and it said that someone lost their airplane and it looked exactly like the airplane that i just cleaned up and then i saw the airplane pitcher and  I took it back to where it belongs. The person who lost their airplane was so sad and misseed it for ever  she tooked