Monday, 30 October 2017

what's the time Mr wolf

In the morning today at school the Pav did a Mihi and a Wiata after the Mihi and the Wiata Mr Moran and Mrs Moala told us that we we're going To do something fun and cool. They told us that we were going to play what’s the time Mr wolf and we had to be really sneaky and quiet so the Other class don’t see us playing around outside playing whats the time Mr wolf.  

Thursday, 26 October 2017

The race

In the morning when it was time for school time the whole of the room 11 and 12 walked  outside nicely to do something fun for our. Once we got outside we did some running and while, we were running we heard some cheering. For the team that was running and they kept on cheering until they got so warm   
because of the he that was coming. Once it was time for the last 8 boys and last 8 girls to have, their race and when it was time for there race to start they got ready and then after that big, race it was time for the  boys to run. When it was time, for the boys to run they got ready to battle each other and to see      
who wins out of the boys. After the boys race it was time for the Final race. In the final race of the girls and boys they Did Not run or sprint instead they did a crab race and Mr Moran joined in so he could see who wins in the crab race and then Francis started the race of for them.
The person who won the final race out of 4 fast kids and
One big teacher that is called Mr Moran the person
Who won was the big teacher Mr Moran because it was  
Hard for the other kids to do the crab race and then they stopped.  

Tuesday, 24 October 2017



                                                                 CHAPTER 1
On day there was a man running through an abandoned factory,his energy blasts. A flock of Golbat
were on his long tail. The man ducked and weaved at the same time . He darted left. He zoomed right.
But the Golbat will never ever give up. A lightning bolt seared through the air. Direct hit!The man screamed so loud the it was the loudest one of all and it went through the air. And it was so dark when he eyes open up a women with purple hair loomed over him. She wore a team Galactic jumpsuit and an evil smile.

Friday, 20 October 2017

The Immersion Assembly.

Once we came back to school on one beautiful sunny day we went to the hall with our class when’ we got there, we got to see ,what the other class were going to do about musical madness.

First team 1 came up on the stage and the started played with some’ card while they were playing they listened to some cool music some’ sad music and some loud music after they finished their show they’ told us what they were going to do and then the next team came up to show us what they were going.Finally it was time for team 2 to show’ us what they were doing for musical madness.

One of the teachers from team’ 2 sang a wonderful song, and it was in the jungle song and then everyone came to join her song’ and they made a pretty cool song for everyone to hear. When she sang it was a beautiful song for musical madness.

Next it was now time for team 3 to show what they are going to be doing for musical madness. They did a video about music that they sang and it was about how’ they could have a music battle and they sang really cool songs and’ songs that make sense for them to battle’ each other and their movie was a really awesome movie.

Next it was time for TEAM 4 to show what their movie is about all of team 4 teachers sang lots' of and while they were singing some of them driven the car and they all went in’ a car to work and when they got there Mr j saw dancing and singing and he’ did the same to and he tried to be cool.

And finally’ it was time for team 5 and they came on the stage and they had a movie night like a family. They watched lion king and they at a lot’ of popcorn they listened to different kind of songs to put on to the lion’ king movie. They were listening to some sad sad songs some cools songs and some fun songs.  

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Today some of the kids from our class went to go and see the O.M.G tech people. we made some L.E.D lights and we also made some electricity music with lots and lots of play dough we had so much fun and thank you to the O.M.G tech for letting us do these fun things with you guys hope to see you guys again next time.