Monday, 4 September 2017

about my rocket ship

At the bottom of the rocket ship there is a booster. The booster makes the powers of lightning come out and it also makes it launch into space. The colours of the rocket ship  are blue red orange and yellow. In the middle of the spaceship there is a glass so people can see where they are going in space. On the top of the spaceship there is a red shelter for so if you are in a rocket ship you really need to help you.
When i walk to the rocket ship there is a really cool lift holder.It can lift you up and drag you into the rocket ship.I also have a remote control. that you can move wherever you want.Once i have come into the rocket ship i use my remote to put on my astronaut suit. When i’m in the rocket ship the booster starts and then it starts counting up to 5 and then when it gets to 0 that’s when the rocket ship blasted of slow and then it goes faster and then it blasted off into space.
When I am in my rocket I always go to Jupiter.I Like to look outside the window and look at the asteroid floating around the solar system and I also like to float In space because it’s lots of fun. When I land on Jupiter i always like to look at everything in Jupiter because it’s my favourite planet In the solar system. I also like to see all of the rings on Saturn and other different planets that have rings. But I mostly like Jupiter it’s the best.

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