Thursday, 26 October 2017

The race

In the morning when it was time for school time the whole of the room 11 and 12 walked  outside nicely to do something fun for our. Once we got outside we did some running and while, we were running we heard some cheering. For the team that was running and they kept on cheering until they got so warm   
because of the he that was coming. Once it was time for the last 8 boys and last 8 girls to have, their race and when it was time for there race to start they got ready and then after that big, race it was time for the  boys to run. When it was time, for the boys to run they got ready to battle each other and to see      
who wins out of the boys. After the boys race it was time for the Final race. In the final race of the girls and boys they Did Not run or sprint instead they did a crab race and Mr Moran joined in so he could see who wins in the crab race and then Francis started the race of for them.
The person who won the final race out of 4 fast kids and
One big teacher that is called Mr Moran the person
Who won was the big teacher Mr Moran because it was  
Hard for the other kids to do the crab race and then they stopped.  

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