Monday, 8 January 2018


In the mid-1930s, things began to change for the better in New Zealand. More people were able to find work and receive a steady paycheck. They were still careful, however, with their money and rarely, if ever, bought treats or gifts for one another.

Imagine that you were able to travel back in time to visit a family in the 1930s. What special gifts or treats would you like to bring with you? I would likely bring blocks of Whittaker’s chocolate, bags of Jet Planes and Pineapple Lumps, healthy food snacks, clothing, and games for the children. What about you? Bonus Activity: Paying it Forward

Having to eat chaoclate like whittaker's and pineappel lums is so yumm and it is also filled with lots of healthy things like healthy yummy mint in the green packet of GHANA PEPPERMINT and also the yummy dark ALMOUND block of chocalate eating all of these yummy things can be so yumm but it can be also really really healthy
mostly a new block of choclate that came up along time ago can still be really yummy delicious and filled with healthy and really good things. And it can also look yumm and sound yummy and mostly tasted yummy SOOOOOOO yummy i mean try these choclates one day and you might even like it to.

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  1. Hi Precious!

    My name is Ellee, I am another part of the Summer Learning Journey Crew that is commenting on your blogs this summer.

    You are right Whittaker's chocolate is delicious! I have also heard that Dark Chocolate is not too bad for you.... :)
    What else would you like to take back to families in the 1930's?

    I think I might like to take back an IPhone because I think families would freak out if they saw what it could do, they might even think it's magic!
    I think I would also like to take back solar power, I think it would be pretty cool to help families through modern technology!

    I would love to hear about any other ideas you have Precious, keep up the hard work!
    Ellee :)


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